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Need help with a fading newborn puppy that wont eat on its own?

Nurturing Hands

About Us

We provide newborn care for pets 0-8 weeks of age. We have found that there are limited resources for owners, breeders, and even rescuers who find them selves with newborn puppies and kittens needing care.

We wanted to provide a service that would combine our experience in the veterinary field, our passion to help people and there animals, and the joy of hand raising babies. As a result of this observation Nurturing Hands was born, providing 24 hour neonate care by professional veterinary nurses. Our goal is to provide you piece of mind.

We sale Puppy Milk, Colostrum, Bottles, Nipples, Wipes and everything associated with feeding a new 0-4 weeks of age.


Mission Statement

Nurturing Hands mission is to provide high quality service to newborn pets While carefully catering to the everyday needs. We strive to deliver a fostering environment during this precious time, giving pets the best chance of survival. Owners can rest assured that the newborns are in the best care.

Nurturing Hands

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Nurturing Hands

Nurturing Hands